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First Time Home Buyer Santa Rosa County

How will an agent help a first-time home buyer in Santa Rosa County? Knowing what’s offered to those who are considered first-time purchasers can put you in a unique position. These programs and the like can vary from place to place, so having an experienced local agent aware of these matters can help to take you the extra mile. All questions you’ve got can soon be answered!

As of 2021, the HOME program continues to accept applications, and it will do so until these funds are depleted. Closing costs and down payments can be greatly alleviated when it comes to these matters, putting you in a more suitable position to buy, even if a lack of funds prevented you from doing so in the past. Your agent can tell you more about the eligibility requirements.

Buying your first house is easier when you find out what incentives are available! Attending a homebuyer’s education class is required as part of the process, and the affordability timeline is 10 years, with a maximum assistance amount of $35,000. Homes must be built after January 1, 1978, and the maximum price for an existing home is $209,000. For a new home, it’s $243,000.

Get an agent who can tell you more about first-time buyer incentives, including the State Housing Initiatives Partnership, or SHIP program. Anyone looking to purchase real estate should be aware of what’s offered and how they can finally afford the house that they’ve been searching for. Schedule a free consultation via the internet at your convenience for additional information.

Santa Rosa County Official: https://www.santarosa.fl.gov/

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